Surviving to Thriving Simply put, Lori Stancil is a lover of Jesus Christ. First and foremost her heart is dedicated to Him, and she is committed to living in His love and growing by His grace.  Coming from a long line of educators and teachers, some would say Lori was born to inform, educate, inspire and empower.  A woman with her sights set on living out her destiny, Lori is a minister, inspirational speaker, life coach, entrepreneur and published author.  Lori is divinely called to the nations and walks in a determination of purpose and passion, which makes her undeniably unstoppable in life and business. Lori is the Founder and Director of Practical Living Ministries based in the United States. With its ever-growing global presence, it is important the message of the Kingdom of Christ is understood and grasped by women from all walks of life.  Lori and her team work tirelessly to equip Christian women to grow in their faith, stand firm in their beliefs and to live the good life God has prepared for them. She is raising up international change agents!  Lori is also a collaborator for an epic and empowerment movement of global women leaders. Together, they co-authored the book, The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose, Vol 1 which is available on Amazon and is an international best seller in three categories. Lori is also an entrepreneur specializing in wellness and holistic health. She informs, educates and inspires others to become proactive in regaining health and preventing illness through natural remedies. She, alongside her husband and their team, provide all natural and naturally sourced, life-giving products which help the body as well as the mind. Lori is committed to seeing people live younger and stronger for as long as possible, and to live their best life. She has risen to become a leader second to none; forging alliances and building collaborative efforts which have brought about lasting change on a global scale.     To book Lori for speaking, coaching or to learn about her life’s work and passion, contact: Practical Living Ministries P.O. Box 185223 Hamden, CT USA Website: Business Site: Facebook: Soundcloud: Youtube:

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