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How Can I Save My Marriage?

Most times in our lives circumstances and marriages never go according to the plan we have created in our minds. We need to keep in mind that with God, and his timing, always ends up being perfect. Marriages are such an important part of creation because without them there wouldn’t be another generation. So it doesn’t surprise me when I see women feeling hopeless and lost because their marriage is in turmoil. There is HOPE though! Through faith, dedication and hard Prayers your marriage will make it!

It wasn’t so long ago that I felt alone and hopeless in my relationship. I was just a newly saved sister in Christ and I would fight with my fiancé over my faith. He would question me and try and put me in a corner. I felt attacked. He would tell me things like “I will never believe in whatever it is that you do”, “We’re just going to have to figure out how to live being opposites” or “I don’t even know what we’re doing, maybe this just isn’t right”. Night after night I would pray for god to help me, give me the strength! I would tell him that if he gave me anything at all, all I am asking for is for my fiancé to be saved so that we could raise our son to live in harmony. For what seemed like years in the moments nothing happened, it seemed to only be getting worse. Tearing us apart right at the seams. Little did I know, this is exactly what GOD wanted.

I remember sitting in my living room while my son was asleep thinking about if our relationship did end. What would I do? Who would I end up with? What kind of life will I not settle for? I remember thinking about how I wanted to be able to pray with my spouse, to be in pure love and praise the lord in everything we do together. Then my friend messaged me, and gave a message from GOD, telling me that I had everything I needed, and to keep praying. I ended up confiding in him and he sent me on my Journey in building my WAR ROOM.

“This House Is Under New Management Of The Lord Jesus Christ”

The Movie War Room was a perfect depiction of what my life was like in the now. I couldn’t believe that not only what I was going through, was real to so many others, but that it was such an issue GOD devised a plan to resolve it through this movie. Once I was finished watching in pure amazement, I felt empowered and created my VERY OWN war room. I was not quite sure what exactly I needed to pray for at the time, so I just sat there and read the bible allowing GOD to guide me in the right direction.

My WAR ROOM is the only place I feel safe and comforted when I am upset. There have been times that I have been in tears not even able to speak and with my will and strength Jesus gives me in that room I force myself to read my prayers through the crying. Eventually it just stops.

The Lord is powerful and will eventually lead you to your needed destination. There are so many different explanations and circumstances that can be resolved by the Lord. In your WAR ROOM first mediate on THIS scripture 2Cor 6: 14-18

Ask the Lord what to do next. WHAT IS IT that you need to do in obeying his word to create the life and Marriage that you so desperately yearn for?


Many of us as women will fall in love with men that we believe that we can change. WE CANNOT. Only God has the power to change anyone from their old and wicked ways. Creating them NEW in his name Jesus Christ. A holy communion between a man and wife need to be on the same road, there cannot be any opposition in the other. This is how you begin to resent each other. No one wants to live a life full of bickering and hatred.

Now in no way am I saying that a relationship is perfect, only God can be. There should be more love and understanding along with support and acceptance, just like Jesus.


Your WAR ROOM is waiting for you to create it! The Lord is calling you to begin worshiping and laying out ALL of your problems on him in this room! He is yearning for a relationship with you! To fill you up when you feel alone and to take your tears away when you are upset.

GOD is the answer to your Marriage. GOD is the answer to everything that you need in your life.

He’s calling you to lay all your problems on HIM so that He can fix it!

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