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Crowded Place

I’m screaming, with no one listening

They ask about You, but don’t even care

You saved our souls from damnation

Yet they ignore your complete existence


Why do they ask if they have no desperation?

Hanging there like a dried fruit from a tree

Walking around with absolute emptiness

Searching for what could be


How do I instill my wisdom with guidance?

Driving out all the evil’s plea

I cannot take, not one more hesitation

For there is only one truth and that is He


“They will come to me my daughter, Release them

And give them to Me. I am your Father in Heaven and

All will praise with thee, One true GOD

Father, Son and Holy Spirit will guide them out to be

A new creation in my Son and all will be right with



Setting skies, beautiful eyes and everything in between

You are the Truth, the Light, the Wisdom

That they all so desperately NEED


I praise you lord for your SAVING grace and setting them off

To flee, the evil works and damnation have no place in me.

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