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A Leap of Faith

Have you ever been in a space where you just felt the urge to go or do something out the normal? Like you felt the need for change.  Whether it was a new job, a new environment, new friends, or just places with good vibes. A month ago, my new neighbor and I were having a discussion and she was shocked to find out that I had moved to this place without knowing anyone.  I just laughed and said well I went where I felt peaceful mentally and emotionally.  I had to find a place where I felt safe to heal.


Lesson learned is to stop allowing people to plan your life.

I’ve been wanting to leave my home state for years and there’s been challenges and obstacles.  Imagine feeling that need for change for years upon years. Even after having a child, that feeling for me became even worse with postpartum depression.  When I was let go from my third shift job, I figured that would be the perfect time to move across the country and start a brand-new life.  Right before moving, an old mentor of mine got me into what she called an “awesome” job working for the State with great benefits.  Who could pass that up, right?  “Sorry to rain on your parade” she said referring to me leaving.  I thought well maybe she is right; maybe this is the change I needed.  Let’s just say the job actually turned out to not be so awesome.  Feelings of being miserable and now being dependent on this job for survival clouded my mind.

I went with the flow anyways and slowly planned my getaway quietly.  First, I found a job working from home.  That saved on parking, gas and the very best benefit is that it could be done anywhere in the U.S.  There was a lot of sacrifices made and of course people didn’t understand.  We had to cut down on spending on fast food and participating in events out of our budget.

Do the unexpected and don’t care what anyone thinks about it.

Fast forward to 6 months ago, when I had drove 5 hours with a van full of our belongings to a destination where there was no family, no associates and decided this is the place.  Was I scared? Heck yes.   As a single mother, there’s always that feeling of needing stability.  We found a storage, looked at apartments and stayed positive. It was adventurous and liberating. Sometimes you have to do it on your own; challenges and all.

After much meditating and trying to focus on the positive aspects of my life, it hit me how much unnecessary chaos we often take on in our daily lives. How often do we place unimportant things as a priority?  Until you remove yourself from situations, you really don’t feel or understand how detrimental toxic relationships or an environment can be. Sometimes all it takes is knowing our own strength and understanding our power to take back our lives is within.  I am making peace with my past and riding this surge of positive vibes!  If you can’t find peace, create your own.

Latoya Franks is the owner of a virtual recruitment agency where she shares her passion for helping people find resources and opportunities to work from home. She’s a homeschooling mom and you can find her online tweeting about topics on finding your “happy” @SavvyAuraLady

LaToya Franks

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