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“Speak and See the Sudden Shifts”


YOU know your living full out your divine calling and #PURPOSE when you receive a flood of messages from people all around the globe who don’t know you but we’re drawn to every spoken word you’ve said and was left feeling motivated, enriched and empowered by simply listening to you SPEAK.

What IF I didn’t SHOW UP? Would the audience have missed out in receiving their blessing of being enriched, empowered and ready to embrace this YEAR with bold courageous confidence? By me showing up, souls were stirred, emotions were evident and sudden SHIFTS occurred. Transformation of lives began and hidden dreams unravelled. It was the beginning of their dreams and journey into their EPIC #ELEVATION YEAR!

This testimony is only 24hrs old. SHIFTS occurred during an epic Radio interview.

In embracing my purpose and unapologetically deciding to have my VOICE heard, to expand my VISION and be VISIBLE so that I can successfully and strategically fulfil my divine global assignment in raising up women leaders to lead Unstoppable Lives and Businesses with courageous confidence, certainty & conviction whilst being unstoppable in her expansive thinking, creativity, giving & living.

To create a revolutionising global movement of Empowerment in Women. The Unstoppable Women of Purpose who desires to do more, be more, unleash her inner-fierce woman, embrace her gifts with feminine grace, ignite her passion, value her worth & ultimately step into that UNSTOPPABLE Women who unapologetically charges her power that will catapult her in life & business!

In stepping out of my own way, choosing to step up, stand tall and share my STORY of Survival to Success & SOAR!

To have a servant’s heart to pay it forward and share setbacks into successful Strategies and Solutions to empower the listeners to create SHIFTS in their lives makes all the effort and courage to be RAW, REAL and READY to SHOW UP in the world all the worthwhile.

What are you HOLDING BACK? What haven’t you let go of from 2016? When are you ready to take a leap of faith, dare to dream and jump courageously into your purpose?

Are you READY to RECEIVE all that is waiting for YOU? As that’s where your true joy, fulfilment and prosperity lies, when you step into your greatness.

I am blessed to have discovered my purpose and embrace my divine gifts without validation from people. I know my worth and VALUE my time, expertise, experiences and divine assignment. I am HERE as your Purpose to

Profit Strategist to help you become an UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN OF PURPOSE.

You can reach me at:




1:  Embrace your Purpose

2:  Pray

3:  Be Intentional in life & business

4:  Charge your Spiritual Power (allow your spirit to flow and radiate)

5:  Ignite your Passion

6:  Execute your Plan with Precision

7:  Be laser focused

8:  Be Professional & on Point

9:   Show Up

10: Stand Out (Be Visible)

11: Serve who are called to serve (they are waiting for you)

13: Share your Story as your VOICE MATTERS!


#SOAR Acronym: Serving Others Always Reap REWARDS in every way!

Ultimately you will prosper lives & profit in your purpose.


2017 Has ARRIVED. Make your YEAR COUNT not just pass you by wishing and hoping for change without taking the UNWAVERING UNSTOPPABLE ACTION to Stand Tall, Step Up & SOAR!!! As it’s time to SOAR in life & business

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  1. klea says:

    Motivational speakers control the world. I Love to see more women rising up to motivate others for a Global development. This post is inspiring. I will Like to watch you speak.