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Anxiety Be Gone; 2 simple ways to help you cope

Every single day our minds can get cluttered into thinking about a million things at once. Sometimes it can get so bad that you can get overwhelmed and become so stressed out you just give up. Too many thoughts, too many ideas. JUST.TOO.MANY. So you start shoveling food in your mouth, or begin biting your nails like a mad woman. It’s completely normal to feel this way and react in a way that may be not so beneficial to your standards of living. I am sure you have missed out on things you really want to do because of how much stress you are in. On your days off sleeping sometimes seems more appealing even getting dressed for the day. There is a solution to this! You can be free, you just need the will to have freedom of your mind. There are 2 simple steps that will change everything for you. Keep in mind the effort has to be there. You need to be dedicated. Remember this, nothing happens overnight.

  1. Pay attention to your breathing

Surprisingly many of us don’t even realize that we are breathing to stay alive. Who would ever think that something so simple will decrease your stress levels? Think about it like this, If you are focusing on one thing only and in this case it would be your breathing then you aren’t thinking about anything at all are you? Your plans, deadlines, appointments, promises everything that stresses you out is now gone. Imagine that.

So here I tell you. When you can’t think of anything else except the million thoughts running through your mind. Stop and breathe. Count your breaths. Focus on where the air goes in your stomach and your lungs. Feel yourself breathing. Become aware of your breathe and only your breathe. Over time it will take little effort. You will begin to notice you are eating less, biting your nails less and eventually you will want to stay awake. Believe it or not focusing on your breathing is the first step in helping you enjoy your life.

  1. Living in the moment

This is a hard concept for women to grasp, especially mothers. Planning is important do not get me wrong. Whatever works for you whether it be in the morning every day, once a week or even once a month, you definitely need to plan out your schedule so you know what is going on with you and your family life. Living in the moment is knowing what is coming ahead but not thinking about anything other than what is happening right in front of you. Enjoy the company that you are surrounded by, focus on what you are doing for your work, live in the moment and think of nothing else.

Stress takes over lives and ruins the moments we share with our loved ones. We miss things because we are too busy thinking about what could and should happen. Why we didn’t do that. When that terrible thing happened the other day and how we are still so embarrassed.

Time is your friend the more time we spend on anything in life the better we get at it. These 2 tips won’t cure anxiety but they will help you to cope in your life. Practise makes perfect. You will conquer anxiety just one step at a time!


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2 Comments to Anxiety Be Gone; 2 simple ways to help you cope

  1. I suffer from anxiety, depression, ocd, and adhd! Its not fun! Your article was a great read. Great info..

  2. Vy says:

    So simple but so true. Thanks for the healthy reminder.