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We are ALL Equal

I am a woman, a mother, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter and friend. I just like every other being on our planet have an equal. It is vital to realize that this article and many articles just like this one are merely a place for women’s point of views and opinions. Just like Men we matter.

Do you not remember how your children were born? It took a man and a woman to create life equal parts in the most magnificent creation. Our gender merely indicates the roles in which natural laws take place. A woman if she so chooses has the role of baring a child, feeding and nourishing their child as a man is to protect what is his and keep his family safe.

There may be many different ways in which humans of our world participate in these roles today. You can never change the gender roles. A man will not bare a child as a woman will not have the same instincts a man does in order to keep their family safe and protected. Now do not take me the wrong way. I didn’t say women can’t I just said it wouldn’t be the same. Why would it?

I am a proud mum and I work hard to have both my other half and my son at home with me. My family dynamic is one of the new millennia. I don’t mind being equals, in fact that’s the way I prefer it. I am a strong and very opinionated women and when I want something I will go right for it. My other half is no less of a man because of this. If anything I see him as more of a man being able to handle my crazy and loud self. He still protects our family. He is the rational one always thinking ahead making sure there will not be any negative repercussions in the adventures that we make together.

I tend to our son and his needs by feeling. Now what I mean by this is that unspoken bond that a mother and her child has. There was a point in which we were one bonded together. When he is hurt I feel hurt, when he is happy I am happy. I know this bond is forever ongoing. A man will never experience this, because a man can never create life within himself.

We are different for reasons of our natural laws. If it weren’t for men and women there would be no human life on our planet as we know it. Our roles in the world may have upgraded a bit and that is okay. Be who you want to be and who you need to be in order to be happy. Stand up for your beliefs.

As a woman we are all very vital parts of humanity, just like the men and children. It is our duty to focus on the positives for the future of our planet. For the future of our freedom. Men are not women and women are not men. Luckily we have the FREEDOM to choose our paths in life.

So be your purpose and stay as positive as possible.

Eudamonia Friends

Written by: Jess Marie S Founder of TBSWMEDIA

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